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Abortion Culture Cannot Hope for ‘Happy or Peaceful Future’ - January 7, 2018

Here is an excellent article reporting on comments from Cardinal Wilfrid Napier.

faith leaders address 'gender dysphoria' - December 18, 2017

In the past few years there has been much discussion about 'gender dysphoria' whereby a person who is born one sex feels like their identity dictates they are actually the opposite sex... like God made a mistake... putting a male in a female body or vice versa. There is much written in the medical annals about this mental disorder although in this 'Age of Political Correctness' all of the medical research will most likely be thrown out and every medical fact overturned in an effort to appease the "gods" of PC-ness.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the faith leaders of Protestant denominations and other world religions have issued a letter that is abundantly clear in its content.

If interested you can find it here: Created Male and Female: An Open Letter from Religious Leaders

Make no mistake: I can only imagine the anguish someone is going through if they genuinely believe they are trapped in the physical body of the wrong sex. However, science does not lie and God does not make mistakes. Rather than give in to PC and try not to "offend" the person we would do more help to encourage that person to a therapeutic intervention. The body is not the problem, the mind is (at least the thinking process is).

Yes, it would be easy to take the PC way out... to not "offend" rather than be called names like hater, ignorant, unloving, etc. The reality though, is that speaking from a perspective of love and compassion means speaking the truth, regardless of how difficult to speak or to receive.

Let us pray for all those caught in this dysphoria and for the families that are confronted by this situation. 

Fox News bought by ultra-liberal Disney - December 14, 2017

Well, the only cable news network that was at least moderately "conservative" is now being bought out by one of the most liberal and largest media corporations in the world: Disney. It's only a matter of time before Fox News is as liberal as the other networks Disney already owns: ABC and ESPN.

In addition to everything with the name 'Disney', they also currently own: Pixar Animation ('Toy Story' series, 'Finding Nemo', 'Monsters, Inc.'), Lucasfilm (the 'Star Wars' series), everything related to 'Marvel Comics' including, the 'Iron Man' series, 'Captain America' series, 'The Avengers' series, at least on of the Spiderman movies, 'The Muppets', partial ownership of Hulu and the A&E Network, Lifetime, History Channel, Freeform, Animal Planet, Discovery, the SEC Network, and the Longhorn Network. Plus countless record labels and print publishing. In other words, they already have a great influence over what our society 'takes in' via the news, sports, and entertainment. 

Now they will be adding: everything related to Fox, the FX Channel, Big Ten Network, numerous Fox Sports Channels, National Geographic, STAR TV, Baby TV, networks in Latin America, and Sky News from Britain, among other large and new assets.

So yes... the liberal giant Disney will be everywhere, promoting a very liberal and anti-Christian values agenda.

God help us all.

The Pope is NOT changing the Lord's Prayer - December 12, 2017

Ahhhh... gotta LOVE the media and anti-Catholics. The latest headlines from the media are stirring up much ado about absolutely nothing... and they know it. But that is their usual mode of operation. As I've said numerous time, I am firmly convinced that satan firmly controls the media and here is more confusion being sowed by these idiots. And for the anti-Catholics who desperately want to believe that Pope Francis is the anti-Christ it's been a field day. Now for a reality check.

Here is a straightforward article that details what the Pope said. It is well thought and, more importantly, ACCURATE. And by the way, the author of this article, Jimmy Akin, is a former Protestant. He has a good grasp of seeing and understanding both sides of the religious landscape.

So don't "freak out" fellow Catholics and stop your salivating anti-Catholics.

Dan on 'Catholicism Live!' - November 30, 2017

On Tuesday, November 28, 2017, Dan Dúet was a guest on "Catholicism Live!" with Fr. Ed Hauf, OMI. The topic was based on a program Dan has put together... 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Catholics'. Here is a link to the episode!

In Bombshell Letter, Ex-Bishops’ Doctrine Chief Accuses Pope Francis of Sowing ‘Chronic Confusion’ - November 2, 2017

The headline says it all.

Link to news article is HERE.

Link to the letter to the pope is HERE.

Thank You to CCR Corpus Christi - October 11, 2017

This past week I had the great privilege to speak at the Jubilee Conference for the Corpus Christi Catholic Charismatic Renewal. First was a presentation for the Youth Tract and then a presentation for the General Session. The presentation was titled, "The New Evangelization: the Role of the Catholic Charismatic Today" and it was very well received.

Thank you to Jay, Rebecca, Jason, and all of the Team in Corpus Christi. It was a very enjoyable and Spirit-filled event. 

Houston - August 29, 2017

With all that is still unfolding in the Houston area it is good to know that there are so many opening their arms to help out those who have been directly affected. There is no white or black, liberal or conservative, Christian or non-Christian... just Americans who are reaching out all across the area. As a Knight of Columbus it is with a grateful heart to know my brother Knights all over that region are at the forefront of many of the rescue operations. It is also good to know that Cardinal DiNardo has wasted no time in mobilizing the resources of the Catholic Church in general, and the Associated Catholic Charities in particular, to be leaders in the ongoing efforts. If you would like to make a donation to a worthy charity that is on the ground in Houston, here is a link to the Associated Catholic Charities of Houston.

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