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CLUB 212: Become a Missionary to a Lay Missionary Today!

Your donation ensures the ongoing mission of proclaiming Jesus Christ in word and music throughout the country. Your support makes a tremendous difference.

As you can see below there are two online options for supporting Two-Twelve Ministries: (1) a one-year, monthly, recurring donation as one of our "CLUB 212" Lay Missionary Support Team Members and (2) a greatly valued one-time donation.

Whether as a CLUB 212 Member or as a one-time donation, your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


CLUB 212: your recurring donation (one 12-month period) goes to the day-to-day operations of the ministry and assists us in maintaining a consistent baseline budget each month. Automatically ends after 12 months.


One-Time: your one-time donation goes to the purchase of specific equipment such as: music instruments and related items, as well as sound equipment and ministry-related supplies. This button is also used for purchasing merchandise such as the Baseball Caps.

Download Baseball Cap Ordering Instructions and Order Form

Embroidered Baseball Caps - $15 each • 2 for $25 • Additional $12 each

FREE packaging, postage, shipping in the Continental U.S.  The only exception are those orders with a PROMO code provided by TTM.


Larger Photos of the Baseball Caps

Larger photos of the baseball caps are under the "Photos" tab in the Photo Gallery. Additionally, we will be adding new designs as often as they become available so check back periodically!


Christian Biker - Item #0108 - Blue



God is Good All the Time (Design 1) - Item #0127 - Black


God is Good All the Time (Design 2) - Item #0125 - Black



God is Good All the Time - Item #0129 - Pink



John 3:16 - Item #0202 - Black



Man of Faith - Item #0207 - Black



Woman of Faith - Item #0229 - Black



Woman of Faith - Item #0230 - Pink



Woman of Faith - Item #0231 - Purple