A Priest Writes a Letter to the Pope

It's no surprise to anyone who has observed the pontificate of our current Pope that there is growing angst regarding his seemingly purposeful creating confusion. A Capuchin priest, Fr. Thomas Weinandy, sent a letter to the pope this past summer where he, in a loving and respectful manner, directly challenges the manner in which Pope Francis is leading the Church. (Read the letter here)

Regarding the confusion that seems to endlessly come from our Holy Father, I have often lamented that, "The Holy Spirit brings clarity, not confusion." The pope has been challenged by Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests for the confusion that he continually sows. As Fr. Weinandy alludes to, it seems to be that he is doing so on purpose. Why? After all, the eternal destination of souls is at stake (as we are reminded today, 'All Souls Day').

I've grown more and more concerned about this pope. So often people ask me what I think about him. No one asked what I thought of John Paul II or Benedict XVI. But I cannot tell you the number of times I've been asked, "So..... Dan.... um... what do you think of the pope?".

As I said above, the Holy Spirit brings clarity, not confusion. So one has to ask... if the Holy Spirit does not bring confusion, who does?

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