Beware New Age Sedona AZ

Long have I encouraged all Christians - Catholics first and foremost - to seek the spiritual gift of “discernment of spirits” as spoken of in I Corinthians:

4 There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit; 5


2017 to be rife with public hierarchical battles

Yesterday, the day after Christmas, I was praying and thinking about what 2017 would bring. Our nation was saved from satanical disaster through the election (provided Mr. Trump lives to see Inauguration Day). I was filled with hope as I…


Mr. Kaine Part III - Admonished by US Catholic Bishops

As mentioned in an earlier blog, Satan uses deceitfulness and as we see with the temptations of Jesus in the desert, he will misuse Scripture... just like Mr. Kaine did regarding same-sex "marriage".

While I have often criticized the US…


Catholic Voters... WAKE UP!

I have long been using my website and ministry to attempt to awaken the Sleeping Giant... the Catholic Church in America. The number of my brothers and sisters in the Church who are religious yet SPIRITUALLY BLIND seems more and…


Poor Glenn Beck Part IV

Someone sent me an e-mail saying they thought I was overblowing it with GB. Well, now his radio program has been suspended by SiriusXM. Read here.


Whatever happened to Hell?

I am copying this article in it's entirety rather than simply attaching it with a hyperlink. The small portion that is underlined was my way of pointing out a primary function of Two-Twelve Ministries and where the Holy Spirit has…


Poor Glenn Beck Part III

OK. I get it. Enough "Beck-bashing". I trust Tucker Carlson's impression of what he saw Glenn Beck doing in front of Zuck. If you care to read, here is the article.

The real impetus of these postings is that…


Poor Glenn Beck Part II

When I posted earlier today regarding Glenn Beck and his take on the Facebook meeting, I had no idea that just a few hours later I would find THIS article. It is interesting that some of the things I've been…