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Dan Dúet

HometownBelle Chasse, LA

Residence – San Antonio, TX

Graduate of Louisiana State University (LSU) – Psychology

Parishioner of St. John Neumann, Archdiocese of San Antonio


Although Dan Dúet calls San Antonio home, his love of music can be traced back to his birthplace of Belle Chasse, LA. The 7th of 8 children, Dan and his siblings were treated regularly with the sound of their father singing the operatic classics of Enrico Caruso early in the morning. “My dad had such a passion for the voice as an instrument. When I was about seven years old, he told me that if I would ever sing for people, I must mean what I sing because if I didn’t mean it, the audience would know.” Dan has taken that advice to heart.

While involved at Christ the King Parish at LSU, Dan learned to play the guitar and sing. Soon thereafter he began to write songs that flowed from his ever-growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In the summer of 1983 he shared one of his songs during a retreat and found that through song he could connect with an audience. He also realized that the Holy Spirit could minister to that same audience through him. Since that time Dan totally embraced the concept of music as a ministry.

As his spiritual life continued to grow, so too did his songwriting. In 1994 Dan released a demo titled, “Come to the Cross”. It would be the beginning of a long journey of understanding how the Christian music industry works, of how his fellow Catholics relate to contemporary Christian music, and of the rigors of being a (music) minister. Dan released a second demo on cassette in 1996 and now has three CDs. He has also taken on the role of producer for other local Christian artists.

Dan is in ‘prayer mode’ from the time he steps up in front of the audience until the end of the performance. When he began he felt like he was in control of the event. In time he learned that he was really just a facilitator... that the Holy Spirit was really the Leader. When he finally "got it", everything changed. Now all of his events, whether music or spoken presentations, are permeated by the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. And as Dan likes to remind audiences, "The Holy Spirit NEVER disappoints!". 

Dan has been both speaker and music minister for regional and national events related to various Catholic organizations including Youth, Marian, Charismatic, and Married Couples. In addition, Dan has appeared on local Christian radio and one of his concerts was taped and aired on Catholic Television of San Antonio, the first “television special” for CTSA. He has also been intereviewed on the CTSA programs "Fanning the Flame", "Catholicism Live!", and "Day to Day".

Unashamedly a disciple of Jesus Christ, Dan is also unashamedly a devout Roman Catholic. “When you have the opportunity I had (1987) to be sitting in an audience about 40 feet from Pope John Paul II, you cannot come to any conclusion other than he was truly a successor to St. Peter. Undeniable. Unmistakable. Crystal clear.” Although Dan is Catholic, he has been very involved in many ecumenical events. He has brought his ministry of Word and music to Lutheran, Episcopal, Methodist, Non-Denominational, Assembly of God, Pentecostal, and Baptist churches. When people of various faith expressions come together in the name of Jesus, all things are possible!

From 1991-2012, a span of 21 years, Dan was worship leader for various lengths of time at St. Pius X, Lackland AFB, and Holy Trinity. Currently Dan assists musically at several parishes on an 'as-needed' basis when he is in town, but his primary focus is seeking more and more opportunities for Two-Twelve Ministries to continue to grow nationally.

In the Summer of 2018 Dan had the opportunity to travel to Western Kenya for three weeks of ministry in the Diocese of Homa Bay. What an incredible experience! Among other ministry events Dan facilitated a retreat for all of the Diocesan and Religious Order priests, brothers, and nuns of the diocese. He has shared some of his thoughts on the Blog and under the News tab. He plans to return in 2021 and will bring numerous people with him who will have an experience of a lifetime. If you are interested in being a part of a great missionary journey, contact Dan asap for information!

You can reach Dan at: dan@danduet.com