Catholic Apologetics: “The False Doctrine of Sola Scriptura”

Location to be Given Upon RSVP, Address to be Given Upon RSVP, Live Oak, TX

“Where is THAT in the Bible? The word ‘Purgatory’ is nowhere in the Bible!! Neither are the words: ‘Rosary’, ‘Pope’, ‘Infallibility’, ‘Communion of Saints’! If it is not in the Bible, it is not true! You Catholics are making things up and are WRONG and going to hell!” Ever have someone say something like that to you? Two of the primary reasons Catholics are leaving the Church: (1) lack of knowing what the Church actually teaches on any number of topics, and (2) not knowing that the primary argument used against Catholics, ‘Sola Scriptura’, is actually a FALSE DOCTRINE. How can Catholics become better educated and more confident in answering family members and friends who have left the Church? Come find out. This is Part One of Two parts. Seating is very limited; therefore, RSVP is required. Send inquiry to Dan Dúet at dan@danduet.com