Bible Study - "Salvation History"

Good Shepherd Catholic Church - Schertz TX, 1065 E. Live Oak, Schertz, TX

From the Agape Catholic Bible Studies this is a 28-lesson study of God's plan for the salvation of humanity from Genesis to the birth of the New Covenant Church as it unfolded in human time and through God ordained events. "The history of salvation is being accomplished in the midst of the history of the world." Pope Paul VI Dan will be teaching the 28 lessons at a pace set by the participants. For a list of the 28 lessons visit: http://www.agapebiblestudy.com/SalvationHistory/Salvation_History_Menu.php To find out what lesson the class is currently on please contact Dan at dan@danduet.com. You are welcome to join in at any time. To learn more about the Agape Catholic Bible Studies visit: http://www.agapebiblestudy.com/index.html