From the recording ...And Time Stood Still

I wrote this song out of a sense of frustration that just as an innocent Man was crucified more than 2000 years ago, the same continues today. Sometimes in the name of God, sometimes in the name of "my personal rights". When will we learn? Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe.
Special thanks to Pat Rodgers for being the newscaster.


(newscaster speaking on Good Friday)
And in local news, itinerant preacher Jesus of Nazareth, was in Jerusalem today to meet with leaders of the Sanhedrin to discuss various allegations being levied against him. Apparently the religious leaders are concerned about specific teachings Jesus has presented in recent months. A source familiar with the dispute reports that Jesus may be sent for an audience with Pontius Pilate if theological differences cannot be settled between the two sides. A spokesman for Jesus replied that Jesus had no comment to make at this time but might make a statement as early as Sunday morning. Today's weather is expected to be...
People crying, people shouting, people in the streetThere's such confusion in the air tell me what does this mean?Torn and tattered, His friends all scattered, standing all aloneWell first it's "Glory!" and then it's "Crucify!" Where have the angels gone?That's the day, the day that time stood still
I heard Him preaching, I heard His voice, Still it echoes in my mind"Seek ye first." "Be born again." "I am the way, the truth, the life."That's the day, the day that time stood still
What can we do? What can we say?When all that we see leads us to cry for the children,Cry for the mother; we cry for the mercy,We cry for each other tonight. Cry for me tonight
A crown of glory or a crown of shame… Is it really all the same?When we kill our brothers in the name of GodIt seems that nothing’s changed, nothing’s changed
Still selling kisses for just a few coins To buy your house of bloodI hear them crying, the unborn children, Silent voices like a flood, like a floodI can hear them, I can hear them, I can hear the children, I can hear them cryingThat’s the day, the day that time stood stil.That’s the day, the day that time stood still
What can we do? What can we say?When all that we see, leads us to cry for the childrenCry for the mother, we cry for the mercy, we cry for each otherAs we cry for the children, cry for the motherWe cry for each other, we cry for tomorrow to comeWhen will tomorrow come? Tomorrow… tomorrow… better than today