1. As Night Falls

From the recording As Night Falls

For many people, night is a lonely and dreaded time. Colors lose their shade and there can be a sense of fear and uncertainty, especially for those who have no home to go to. I took part in a 30-hour fast that reached out to the homeless by preparing meals for them. While offering a man some food, he grabbed my arm and said firmly, "It's amazing how you haven't given up on me, even though I've given up on myself. I need you to pray for me, you can't forget."
Later that night those words really spoke to me. That man was still out there suffering with no place to go except under a bridge. For the homeless, night becomes an uncertain horror, but for me, it becomes a reminder to pray for those who have no one else to pray for them. Marcus, I have not forgotten. I am still praying for you. And for anyone reading this, please say a prayer for Marcus and all those who are in need.