From the recording Pardoned to Cry No More

Guilt lingers over our hearts and injects itself into our minds. It sneaks under our skin and clouds our thoughts as we move about our day. We can become distracted with this feeling and lose our vision of what we're living for. It's origins are created from the many measures of wrong that we commit. Guilt is generated and duplicated by our worst and most disgusted action: sin.
Gasping for life, sin drowns us of breath. It can bring us to our knees and hold us at our lowest point until we cry. However, their is a splinter of hope penetrating through the vice of sin. It's illumination lies within the power of confession and forgiveness. We must reconcile with God and with ourselves to fully experience the magnitude of His love. When we humble ourselves before our savior He forgives us and pardons us for our wrong doing. Our sins are lifted, carried away, and our weight is no more.
We no longer have to cry.