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People can go through life with happiness and live successfully, but a the  same time feel incomplete. They struggle with this scabbed feeling and long to fill it. Deep within themselves they feel like they are missing a piece of who they are, but what they're truly missing is "peace". The only way to know what true peace is and to feel complete is through God.
For me, God had always been a part of my life and it wasn't until I started playing the guitar that I felt like I was missing something. When I played, I improved and felt accomplished, but at the same time I felt unfulfilled. I wanted fulfillment in what I was doing and wanted there to be a higher purpose. There was no sense of "peace" when I played. It wan't until I invited God to be a part of my music that I had been completed. God had been the missing "piece". As you listen to this song, I pray that you find the "peace that passes all understanding." (Phil 4:6)