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'Letter of Suitability' for Dan Dúet on behalf of Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of San Antonio.


Parish Missions - Dan Dúet is a dynamic, engaging, and effective speaker. Rather than use complex theological terms that the average layperson might not understand, and that Dan admits he could not pronounce in the first place (LOL), Dan approaches the topics from a very practical perspective. Clearly focused on Jesus and the Holy Spirit (usually with a tie-in to one or more Sacraments), the aim is to give listeners the means to deepen their respective relationships with God and apply lessons learned into everyday life and personal relationships. Dan always offers to present the topics twice every day (morning and evening) to ensure that the maximum number of parishioners may attend. Most Missions are 3 days.

Parish Mission Flier - ADVENT: The Songs of Luke
Parish Mission Flier - ADVENT: The Early Church Fathers
Parish Mission Flier - LENT: In the Shadow of the Cross
Parish Mission Flier - LENT: Desert Discipleship
Parish Mission Flier - The Father, the Son, and the Holy Who?


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Catholics - This course has two simple aims:

First, the purpose of the course is to help believers, new and old, live out the Faith through seven essential habits of the Church.

Second, the course helps participants learn to practice the art of reading Scripture, especially the Gospels. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that God’s word is “living and active.” We often seek to hear God’s voice. Scripture is God’s Word that expresses His love for us and the plan He has for our lives. Cultivating the skill of reading Scripture can create an open and dynamic stream of communication with the Creator of the universe.

This course reflects these two aims with a sub-title of “Living Gospel”: (a) on one hand, we want participants to live out the gospel and to embody its message with their lives. (b) on the other hand, the Gospels are not just fairy tales or mere accounts of history, but a living reality that affects us today just as much as it affected Jesus’ listeners 2,000 years ago. This reality has the power to completely change our lives if we are open to hearing God’s message.

Because of space limitations, preregistration is required. Contact Dan Dúet at

I Can Only Imagine - Based on the song of the same name, this is a healing service for those grieving the loss of a loved one. This hour-long event combines prayer, Scripture, music, witness, a candle-lighting ceremony, and a slideshow, all in an environment that creates the opportunity to experience the Holy Spirit in a quiet, yet profound way, to bring healing, hope, peace, closure, and joy. Here is a link to the slideshow portion of the event:

Also - here is a video of the final part of the 'I Can Only Imagine' event: 'A Postcard From Heaven'  

Praise and Worship Events - We praise God for, well, being God. We worship Him for Who He is to each of us personally. These events are NOT entertainment but ministry events. This is how Dan Dúet approaches this 60-90 minute afternoon or evening of prayerful and contemporary Christian music. Dan effectively incorporates the use of pre-recorded music tracks from the recording studio with live acoustic guitar and vocals. This has become the most popular event Two-Twelve Ministries offers.

Parish Retreats - "The 2-12 Experience" - This Retreat has been very effective in uniting parishes: from clergy and staff, to ministry/organization heads, to the parishioners at large. Usually as a one-day Retreat (often with a Prayer Service the night before), the topics are most often tailored to the requests or needs of the individual parish. The most common request has been for a Retreat that incorporates themes of healing and forgiveness within the parish faith community. Through the effective use of music, topics, and relevant activities, this Retreat is being requested more and more.

Prayer Group Presentations - Whether one of the talks specific to the 'Life in the Spirit Seminars' or any topic a prayer group may request, Dan incorporates music with the teaching. With this usually being a more intimate atmosphere, this is one of Dan's personal favorite ministry opportunities!

Conferences - As noted above, Dan Dúet is a very dynamic speaker and is knowledgeable on virtually any topic relevant in the Church today. He has ready-made presentations for numerous conferences including Young Adult, Youth, Marian, Charismatic, and Men's Conferences. Dan is also adept at writing 'theme songs' for these events and has been involved with various types of conferences at the regional and national levels.

RCIA and Other Parish Groups - Whether at home in San Antonio or out on the road somewhere across the country, Dan Dúet does not like to sit at home or in a hotel room when instead he can be ministering somewhere. Thus, he often volunteers his time to speak to various groups/organizations within the parish. Knights of Columbus Councils and RCIA groups are his favorites!

In-Home Music and Ministry - You can have Dan Dúet provide your family/friends with a private, in-home evening of ministry. Depending on the host's preference, these are usually attended by 15 - 50 people. Dan can tailor-make a special event for a family. Whether local or in a city where he is already appearing, Dan does not charge a monetary stipend for an in-home event... his only fee is a good homecooked meal! 

Events as Parish Fundraiser - Contact Dan Dúet to inquire how one of his concerts can be a fundraiser for Two-Twelve Ministries AND for your parish or parish organization!



Club 212: your recurring donation (one 12-month period) goes to the day-to-day operations of the ministry and assists us in maintaining a consistent baseline budget each month. Automatically ends after 12 months.


One-Time: your one-time donation goes to the purchase of specific equipment such as: music instruments and related items, sound equipment, a much-needed covered cargo trailer, the bulk purchase of CDs to generate additional revenue, etc.