celine dion and the new world order 

I used to be a fan of hers. Used to be.

Not so much each individual product for children, but the totality of what she seems to be promoting is actually sickening. She is definitely a sell-out to the One World Order and, perhaps, a sell-out to satan. She sure is doing her best to continue confusing children about sexual identity.

When exorcists speak, I listen. Here's an article worth reading.

Benny Hinn 

So Benny Hinn - 'Mr. Prosperity Gospel' - has finally seen the light. For the third time. Three times a charm! Anyone reading this: if you follow any of the people I'm about to list, renounce them and get as far away from them as possible. The "Prosperity Gospel", as I've said for decades, is a FALSE GOSPEL. And those who preach this Gospel are FALSE TEACHERS. I know wayyyyyyy too many Catholics who read and watch some of these charlatans and still don't "get it".

What does St. Paul say about such people…

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Bible Study beginning the week of August 11 

Two-Twelve Ministries announces a Catholic Bible Study with Dan Dúet beginning the week of August 11. This is a comprehensive, 28-part series with 14 lessons from August through November and the remaining 14 lessons from January through May. Additional information will be released in the coming weeks.

In the meantime if you are interested in learning more please contact Dan at dan@danduet.com

While these classes are being offered locally in San Antonio, TTM would like to offer the classes via the…

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New Training to be Announced Soon 

Dan Dúet will soon announce dates and additional information for two trainings:
1 - Guitar Lessons geared toward leading praise/worship
2 - How to be an effective small group discussion leader
These sessions are at no cost to participants although free will donations will be accepted.
If interested please contact Dan asap at dan@danduet.com

Holy Spirit: Giver of the Gifts 

This series of talks is postponed until further notice. I'll try to update the Calendar as frequently as possible. Please keep my sister Bernadette in prayer as she is in a critical medical situation. If you would like to send her a note of encouragement, prayer, Scripture for hope/courage/strength, please send to me and I'll print it out for her. My email is dan@danduet.com   Thank you.